Easily Trainable Emotional Support Dog Candidates

Dogs are amongst the most popular pets nearly around 100 million in the United States alone. Over the past couple of centuries, the dogs have been bred extensively to come up with new breeds that are suitable for various tasks. Most of these animals have grown out of this task and are now around human companions still retaining their breed instincts. Some of these breeds are best suited as service, support, and therapy animals. 



To become an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) you will need an emotional support dog letter. This letter will allow your pet to become your emotional support animal, enjoying all the provisions set for you to allow uninterrupted companionship of your pet ESA.

The laws and provisions

There are two laws that concern the ESAs:

  • The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

  • Fair Housing Act (FHA)

Many people need to have their ESA with them during their flights as they feel anxious and get panicky during air travel. Having their ESA with them at this time allows them to feel calm and control their anxieties. The ACAA allows you to have your pet beside you in the passenger compartment. Moreover, Airline authorities cannot stop you from getting onboard with your pet and cannot charge you any pet fees, as long as you have the ESA letter with you. 

People with pets have trouble when finding places to stay that allow for pets. Under the FHA, however, the landlord cannot bar you from occupying the rented space stating an unfaithful ‘no-pet’ policy. The landlord is also not allowed to charge you extra rent or any pet fees. Under the FHA, you can live with your ESA inside the comfort of the home that you rent, without the landlord causing you any trouble. 

Trainability in dogs

You will see that dogs are engaged in various jobs, ranging from police work animals to service dogs; the reason for this is their trainability to learn new things, follow commands, and make use of their sense. This trainability changes from one breed to another, however, all the dogs that are easily trainable are ones that are intelligent and known for their adaptability such as ease of socializing. 

Some of the dog breeds due to their trainability are perfect ESA candidates, especially when brought into pethood young. This way they can be trained from an early age to support you during times of distress, and to be comfortable around large crowds. Here are some of the breeds that are easily trainable.

  • Poodles

Known for their sharpness and their friendly demeanor, these dog breeds make for great companions, especially with people with lots of people in the household. These breeds are the closest that dogs can get to being hypoallergenic. The poodle can be easily trained to support you in times of need and to be calm and composed around others.

  • German Shepherds

They are one of the most common working dogs due to their high trainability and intelligence. These dogs can become your ESAs with their quick learning and will only take a bit of training to induce sociability. These dogs can additionally help to keep you and your property safe as they are good guards and watchdogs. If you want to get an ESA dog you should know which hypoallergenic dogs are suitable for you.

  • Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is known for its fun-loving and playful attitude. It is very sociable and highly intelligent which allows you to train it to be obedient and supportive when asked. They love engaging their human companions in activities both indoors and outdoors, so having a Golden Retriever will help you also engage in activities, which can be helpful for ESA handlers. 

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