Everything That You Need To Consider For An ESA Dog

If you are planning to get a pet animal to be your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) then there is no doubt that you are considering to have a pet dog as an ESA, especially if you are a dog person and want your pet to accompany you in various activities, and be a regular part of your life. Dogs are versatile animals that depend on the breed and can take part in their pet parent’s life. It is no surprise that apart from being an ESA dog, dogs are a common sight as service animals helping the disabled and as working dogs helping with police work, search and rescue, etc.



How to Make Your Pet an ESA

Before deciding to get a pet to be your ESA you should make sure that you are qualified to be an ESA parent. To be eligible to have an ESA, you have to be suffering from mental trouble or difficulty. To decide this you will need to consult a licensed mental health specialist who will decide whether you require a pet animal for your emotional support or not. You will have to go through several sessions whether online or in-person for the specialist to deem your state as one with a mental difficulty or illness. If you are assessed to have a mental illness you will be permitted to have your pet as an ESA with only an ESA letter signed and authorized by the mental health specialist. 

Things you need to consider in the ESA dog

When decided upon bringing in a pet dog to become your ESA you will have to check for the following, to get the pet dog that is the perfect fit for your routine and lifestyle. This will allow you to live peacefully with your pet animal.

  • Grooming 

Each different dog breed requires a different amount of grooming, some require daily grooming and some weekly. This includes brushing the coat, brushing the teeth, trimming nails, etc. For example, an Afghan Hound might require daily grooming while a Pug requires grooming once or twice a week.

  • Physical and Mental Exercise

To allow your dog to be healthy and happy you need to fulfill its daily requirement of energy-draining through physical activities. Large hounds need more physical exercise than smaller hound dogs for example.

  • Keeping company

If you are living alone and spend time away from home a lot then you will have to be careful not to choose a dog breed that needs human companionship such as shepherding dogs. Otherwise, they tend to get depressed, destructive, and cantankerous.

  • Trainability

A well-trained dog is essential for an ESA as the dog should at all times be obedient to the pet parent. Poodles and Labs are known for their intelligence and are this easily trained to be obedient. 

There is no registration or license for ESA pets. All you require is an emotional support dog letter for your ESA pet dog that will allow you to have your pet at all times with you. You can then have your pet in the rental space you occupy and with you inside the passenger cabin while traveling by air. 

  • Sociability

ESAs need to accompany their companions to places with lots of people such as in-flight cabins. It is essential that the pet dog is one that is known to be sociable around other people with little training. Labradors are one such breed that exudes confidence and friendliness around others.

  • Space needed

Depending on your living situation— apartment, house-with-a-backyard, country farm, etc.— get a pet whose physical space requirements you can accommodate.

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